We eat, sleep and dream about one thing... coding. Everything is related to source code: Health, Transport, Home, Arts, Entertainment…that’s where we like to be.

We are a cutting edge development firm that focuses on innovation as our bloodline and the future as our objective.

Our core projects are on both extremes of the market spectrum. On one hand we have solid partnerships with Fortune 500 firms providing them a venue to their innovation areas to quickly develop and deploy prototypes. On the other, we work with startups delivering Minimal Viable Products in order to provide an important value mechanism in their funding process.

Innovation Teams

We have specialized teams in iLabs of Fortune 500 firms. We offer our expertise and experience to help companies to start or to develop innovation tech spin-offs to apply their discoveries in business-oriented contexts, focusing always in the user or costumer.

If you Have a Dream, We Can Write the Code.


We develop prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for Fortune 500 firms, using agile and scrum methodologies. We have experience to become an idea to a innovator MVP quickly and with best quality. We help star-ups to use tech trends.

Honest Code

We have create HonestCode.io for helping your software. The Honest Code initiative automatically and continuously verifies your software as it is written to ensure that the delivery matches your vision and key features continue to operate as designed.

Official Partnerships

Intelygenz Careers

Our Innovation starts with the talent of our teams.
We recognize that our success depends on the every person who works at Intelygenz. And we want work with you!!