New trends in banking innovation: private and secure cloud solutions using free, Open Source software.

Intelygenz presents a way to set up a private cloud for banks at this year’s OpenStack Summit

Intelygenz concludes its participation in the fourth edition of LibreCon with a talk on Hydra

During the talk, possibilities were shown in the Hydra system for discovering and balancing applications in multi-cloud environments.

Banking IT Trends

Technological trends that will take banking to the future and bring it closer to its customers

Custom developed Software, key to streamlining internal processes and in bringing banking closer to the people


Prosegur is the first security company to bet on smart watches with Android Wear

Intelygenz develops an app for Android Wear for Prosegur’s Business Alarm that helps improve response time for both homes and businesses


Intelygenz adds the MYO robotic bracelet to its list of developments for wearables

This device allows users to control devices remotely.

Google Glass App for Prosegur

Prosegur and Intelygenz collaborate to develop an app for Google Glass that focuses on security.

This app allows security guards, equipped with Google Glass, to reduce the time spent responding to an incident.


Open Innovation Platform

Based on the principles of Crowd-sourcing together with Gamification logic, Nextinit is a powerful tool for R&D companies.


Intelygenz helps improve their ticket sales system

Together we’ve developed a system for to facilitate venue design and display available seats for different arenas.


Intelygenz commits to innovation by developing apps for an entire world of wearables.