Google Glass App for Prosegur

Prosegur and Intelygenz collaborate to develop an app for Google Glass that focuses on security.

This app allows security guards, equipped with Google Glass, to reduce the time spent responding to an incident.


The best ideas for the largest Glass Hackathon In Spain

The opportunity to develop for Google Glass, the main attraction for participants. app

Prisa Radio relies on Intelygenz to take music far and beyond the mobile., the online music service Prisa Radio, chooses Intelygenz to develop its application for Android, iOS and Google Glass.


Open Innovation Platform

Based on the principles of Crowd-sourcing together with Gamification logic, Nextinit is a powerful tool for R&D companies.

OCULUS RIFT have arrived!

They have the potential of revolutionizing the virtual reality world by bringing us closer to a three dimensional world whose features allow us to have a much more "credible" reality.


Smart Dashboard hosted on GAE

A mobile web application, hosted on GAE, developed for the Innovation Department of a Mobility Leading Group to share last trends in technologies


We are authorized Google Glass developers

We have access to the Mirror API, allowing us to program it.


The most successfull second screen APP in Spain

Working jointly with La Moderna, we’ve developed an interactive application for the TV hit Gandía shore, reaching record levels of participation and downloads while placing the app on the top 7 and 9 of Google Play and Apple store charts.



BBVA netcash publishes a mobile version of its online banking for business.