What is Gimphony?

Gimphony is a Franchise Management System which has been developed to help franchisees manage their control centers and customer service processes, centralizing all information, which you can access from anywhere in one place and device.

How can Gimphony help you?

 If you are are Franchiser

  • Unified Management
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Communication
  • New Products
  • What is not measured, cannot be improved
  • Promotions

If you are a franchisee

  • Manage appointment calendar dynamically
  • Reduce the number of cancellations
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Your accounts, organized
  • Custom made
  • Know your customers

What makes us different?

  • We’re in the Cloud: the system is housed in the cloud using Google App Engine (GAE) and its main benefits are that it self-adjusts according to the input traffic and the user demand and availability is 99% guaranteed, anywhere.
  • Multi-Platform: Compatible with web , mobile phones and tablets (Hybrid App for IOS and Android).
  • Multilanguage . Multicurrency. Multinational.
  • PayPal: system is integrated with the PayPal payment Platform
  • Secure: confidential information is encrypted to ensure the highest level of security.
  • No risks: guaranteed weekly system backups.
  • Support: you can count on a department, which is specialized in support and maintenance.
  • An objective support system to aid decision making: efficient management reports to improve decision making and increase the profitability of all centers.
  • Powerful built in e-mailing and SMS marketing system tool.

Official Partnerships

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