The HonestCode initiative automatically and continuously verifies your software as it is written to ensure that the delivery matches your vision and key features continue to operate as designed.

The HonestCode is more than a testing tool. It is an holistic system which automatically bridges the natural language to machine language in the context of software feature definitions. Additionally, HonestCode automatically compares this code with the actual code written by the development team and conducts User Acceptance Tests on each and every defined feature; ensuring:
  • Automated acceptance tests constantly verifying developers code
  • It continuously analyzes the entire code base alerting of potential risks in a thorough manner
  • Comprehensive and transparent reports indicating what fails, where and why
  • Conducts automatic regression tests ensuring stable product delivery. Old errors never reappear in a deployment!
  • Provides thorough reports which help reduce code inflation and code complexity
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Service provided in Development, Testing and Production environments
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