We believe in a future where all humans live in a balance of abundance and sustainability within their environment. An environment where humans are focused on their unique abilities of creativity and critical thinking free from banal tasks.

We use AI Artificial Intelligence to build this future.


The T7 Machine Solution

The T7 Machine is a complete Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution able to use data to learn, predict, suggest and take decisions where humans are slow or the task is too complex.

A T7 Machine is a powerful tool for the classification and regression of huge amounts of data. They are ready to be deployed as a Software as a Service solution for both cloud and On-Premise environments.



Following is the foundation principles of every T7 Machine solution:

  • Every deployment must be fully automatable.
  • Every new piece of software added to the solution must become a release candidate.
  • Technical requirements must be tested and accepted automatically for every release candidate.
  • Functional requirements must be able to be approved manually prior to release.
  • Development and Release pipelines must remain secure from end to end.
  • All deployment stages must allow full audit of events.
  • Must allow roll-back to previous production ready version.

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