We have been developing tailor-made software that is specialized in innovation for over a decade.

We are experts in transforming technological innovation trends to generate business opportunities. Our work methodology is iterative, based on Scrum and one that develops continuous delivery. We are used to adapting to our clients’ work environment; we are intelygenzers ;-)

Agile Development of Software

On a daily bases, we check our cell phones 150 times, and we work with computers. Everything is based on software, and we develop it.

Innovación - iLabs

Uber has revolutionized the transportation sector. Is your company in a position to face a disruptive competitor? Or better yet, why not make you company a disruptive competitor?

API Economy

We have all types of mobile applications, sensors and connected devices to multiply their value with the integration of APIs.


We are immersed in a digital revolution. Make the most of technology!! We’ll help you do it.

Cloud computing

Create your own ecosystem thanks to the Cloud. Make your company more productive and surprise everyone with how you handle your information.

Internet of Things & Wearables

According to Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) 81.7% of all users access Internet from their cell phones. We are moving towards a hyper-connected society. Don’t be left behind. .

Machine Learning

What do your customers need? Identify trendsby analyzing large volumes of data. We know how to do it!

Product Evolution

Technology requires continued maintenance. With us, you need not worry!

Our work methodology: Iterative based on SCRUM

The work model applied by Intelygenzis based on having extremely specialized and multi-disciplinary teams who are accustomed to incorporating and applying state-of-the-art technologies to attain the most efficient solutions. For this, Intelygenz proposes working with an interactive methodology based on Scrum.

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Our development methodology: Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery seeks to automate and improve the development of partial deliveries. It is based on a classical, fail fast pattern for a software delivery process. It could be summarizedby saying that the sooner an error arises, the faster the software failure is solved. e.

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Official Partnerships

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