Cloud Computing
We are pioneers in integration systems and innovation in cloud architecture and management. We have been responsible for BBVA’s back office migration to the Cloud, using a MultiCloud system to minimize the risk of lost information or system inactivity, as well as data protection.

Traditionally, all applications and relevant data were stored in-house on company servers that have to be maintained, managed and administered, with the corresponding cost. However, in recent years, many companies and businesses, whether large or small, have counted on Cloud technologies. Thanks to this, anything and everything found on computers and servers is hosted in a series of servers on the Cloud, which in turn, can be accessed from Internet from any device. Thus, anyone in your firm can access company files and resources wherever he or she is located without having to download and simultaneously work on a given document as needed. The objective is for our clients to be more operational and productive by making the company more scaled and accessible. We are certified by Google (GAE) and Microsoft (Windows Azure) to develop on the Cloud; we also offer solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have our own solution to handle several clouds. Ask us about it.

If you still harbor doubt, here are but a few of the advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Access anywhere and from any device (mobility).
  • From the conceptual point of view, any and all software can be located in a single place and its updates performed automatically.
  • Save on software, hardware and technical maintenance.
  • Scalability. Working on the Cloud allows you to grow organically without major investments.
  • It saves you energy; with a few clicks, you can access information and documents from any device.

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