At Intelygenz, we believe that innovation begins with people. We foster our customers’ innovative nature so that their firms are even more innovative and disruptive.

We are the main team in the BBVA Bank innovation department and responsible for the creation and application of the latest technologies for business banking throughout the world. Likewise, we work with the Vodafone Global Enterprise Innovation Department in the UK.

We are specialized in supplying the most appropriate technology so that companies are able to focus on their objectives to quickly and effectively enter the market. We operate as strategic R + D (iLabs or Innovation Studios) partners for multinationals located and operating in the United Kingdom and the US.

Colleagues at our Silicon Valley office keep us in the loop about any innovative technology so that we learn to incorporate it into our project, if and when this technology meets the needs of our clients. Moreover, when creating technological products or services, we use dynamic work processes and agile methodology that are used as startups so that our customers count on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product/span>) in a short period of time. Thus, they begin achieving their objectives as soon as possible.

Frédéric Alluin talking at BBVA Innovation Center (Video in spanish)

Since 2013, we invest 15% of our time in R+D. This is one of the reasons why Intelygenzis a preferential supplier for the Centro de Innovación Global (Global Innovation Center) in Spain, the BBVA Bank logical security department and the Vodafone Global Enterprise innovation center in the UK. We are always learning and developing the most-up-to-date technologies and those with the greatest potential to generate new business opportunities and optimize already existing ones. Currently, we are working with the following technologies:
  • Node Js. Over Cloud
  • Cognitive computing
  • Multicloud
  • Big Data Over Cloud
  • Mainstream Datacenter Declive
  • Polyglot Persistence
  • Computing & Testing everywhere
  • Value Grid
  • Money Abstraction
  • Agile Enterprise
  • Intelligence Economy
  • Service Oriented Businesses
  • Digital Self
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Customer Betterness
  • New Shopping Experiences
  • Physical Web
Web Innovation

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