Intelygenz is committed to innovation in movement, the Internet of Things and the development of apps for an entire universe of wearables.

Cell phones have become our main Internet access route. We have breakfast with a cell phone in hand; we enjoy lunch in front of a computer and supper is served with a tablet, a cell phone and the TV, or even a smart TV. All contents and the design must focus on being fluid and adapted to any device; and we know just how to do that. A successful user experience is behind our development of software and technology.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with ample experience in the development of apps for a wide range of devices and environments such as SmartWatches (Apple Watch, G Watch Android, Pebble or Moto 360º), 3D virtual reality glasses such as Oculus Rift, alone or combined with Leap Motion orMYOb, Eddystone, iBeacon, Physical Web... What’s more, Intelygenz is one of the 2000 developers selected by Google to be part of its Google Glass Explorer program.

Just as Luis Mesas, Innovation Architect forIntelygenz San Francisco team, pointed out:

These are emerging technologies that have made the leap from science fiction to the real world and one senses the huge potential.

At Intelygenz, we provide the guidance so that you can make the most of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the devices that are best indicated for your brand to generate greater user engagement or generate conversations. Even if you have an elusive idea, you can also share it with us and we will help you turn it into a reality. As our motto states, “If you have a dream, we can write the code.”

We believe in and create hyper-connectivity. We automate things and keep them communicated thanks to Internet. It’s not magic; it’s code ;-)

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