Machine Learning
We are living in a truly technological revolution where algorithms can be applied to volumes of data that increase and vary at tremendous speed. Machine Learning allows machines to learn and make decisions on their own accord. Such learning is possible thanks to the detection of patterns within a set of data in such a way that the actual program predicts the situations that may or may not arise. Automatic learning has as many applications as our imagination can come up with. Among others, these are some of the activities that are powered by this technology:
  • Facial, voice or object recognition.
  • Search engines. To improve results and search suggestions.
  • Anti-spam or anti-virus.
  • Independent vehicles and robot.
  • Analysis of economic data. To operate on the stock market or avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • Predictionand forecast. Weather, traffic or to avoid technological failures in equipment.
  • Consumer behavior and productivity analysis. To identify potential clients, foresee which employees could be more cost-effective, adapt services to user needs...

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