This is the response by one of the Intelygenz founders when marketing managers said they should be positioned in Mobile and Digital Transformation...

But we’ve been involved in digital transformation for the past 12 years!!

That is the reality; right from the beginning, we have focused upon helping companies go digital. We use technology to generate business opportunities so that our clients are more efficient and productive. In summary, we help firms be more innovative and dynamic. We use and share our own methodologies; used in startups (lean startup, design thinking...) these also used to develop digital products and services: Agile, Scrum or MoSCoW...

We turn your firm into a digital company. We have mastered the basics behind digital transformation: the technology. We create web sites, integrating customer feedback or developing it based on specific needs; we make mobile applications, apps with responsive design, user-friendly navigation for all types of devices and that offer a quality user experience so that our clients attain their goals (increase app permanence, the number of downloads…).

Digital Transformation
Moreover, we help you obtain maximum performance for your APIs (Application Programming Interface); we make the most of the communication capacity among your various software components and those that your business needs.

At Intelygenz, we are the first put our hand in the fire for this methodology: technology that allows you to work anywhere and from any device (on the Cloud thanks to cloud computing). This allows for more agile and optimized communication between the various departments. We apply what we sell because we know that it leads to excellence.

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