Product Evolution
At Intelygenz, we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in IT services. They offer our clients specialized and personalized assistance by means of two service categories: Maintenance based on Service Levels and Planned Maintenance or support staff hours. Both collaboration types seek to offer support and maintenance services that your company needs.

Our Maintenance based on Service Levels —preferred by 90% of our clients—implies exclusive dedication from an expert team of professionals in the technologies to be maintained; the goal is to provide a quality and continued service, even when the work load is slower. Such periods are considered off-peak moments, which are used to perform added-value tasks such as evolution and adaptation chores, preventive maintenance, perfective maintenance, or testing. We are totally pro-active.

Our Level of Service Management offer continues support to major firms in a variety of sectors, such as the automotive industry, finances, health care and services. Companies include BBVA, BMW, Vodafone, Pris Group, Prosegur, among others.

The main characteristics of our service model are as follows:

  • 100% customer oriented. Vocation for service.
  • A multi-disciplinary team. We have expert technical profiles in a wide range of technological environments.
  • We know how to react quickly in the light of incidence resolution. We are aware of just how importantsuch events are for our customers.
  • Experts in specific tools to manage the demand, control and vision the source code, alerts and reporting.
  • Ability to detect opportunities for synergies between services and similar products.
  • Flexibility. We are able to adapt to customer needs.
  • Quality is measured by the indicators defined for the service.
The main activities we perform for our clients consist of:

  • Develop new functionalities.
  • Expansion of system.
  • Adaptations due to technological changes.
  • Process follow-up.
  • Technical consultancy and Guidance.
  • Resolution of incidences.
  • Risk prevention. Testing.

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