Step by Step Guide: Adaptive UI with Autolayout

As an iOS developer, you should have heard about Autolayout and you may use it in your day-to-day basis to design the beautiful UIs that your users love. Since the early days of iOS development the family of devices and screen sizes has grown a lot and developing the so-called universal apps has become quite of a challenge!

But fear not! In this step by step guide Roberto Estrada, Senior iOS/Android Cross-Platform Software Engineer at Intelygenz, will guide you through the concepts, steps, and tools needed to design a customizable and fully adaptive UI to target each and every device on the ever-growing iOS family; from the classic iPhones, iPads to the latest and greatest iPhone X.

In this video, we will dive into some concepts like:

  • Size classes
  • Traits and trait collections
  • Using Interface Builder to design for each trait variation
  • A primer for StackView usage
  • A practical example of adaptive UI design

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